DSP Website


Created a bespoke site for Scottsdale's Frank Kraljic and his company, Deep Sky Productions. We opted for an on brand theme of astronomy, featuring custom star chart menu navigation icons and a beautiful home page.

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Bespoke UI & UX Design

For Frank, only the best would do to as that is the standard he sets for his Emmy award-winning works. We created, under close collaboration, a bespoke 1-of-1 web design that features many unique components and experiences across the entire website.

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Brand Development

When we kicked off the project, we made great efforts to focus on Deep Sky's story and overall brand. Taking this a step further, we developed a design system to be integrated into a wider Brand Visual Strategy.

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WordPress Development

We opted to use a new but powerful stack that eventually developed into the MdO Media WordPress stack that is used on projects today. For DSP's site, we used Bricks Builder to leverage the powerful performance benefits it has. Because we knew that this website was going to be content heavy, we needed to spend that extra time working with tools focused on performance from the get go.

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