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Proposal of Services

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About Us

Owner, MdO Media

Dan Montes de Oca is a well-rounded creative that leverages his eight years of experience leading teams on web projects. Utilizing a finely-tuned WordPress stack, he specializes in building websites that are optimized for web accessibility and user experience.

Graduating from Arizona State University, Dan has his Bachelors of Applied Science in Internet & Web Development. He is scheduled to test for his IAAP CPACC certification 12/13/22.

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Building a More Equitable Web

Project Summary

The primary objective for this project is to take the website to its launch phase as soon as possible through a development ‘sprint’. This sprint will utilize a vast framework of pre-prepared, accessible templates to rebuild the layout of the site with clean-code and semantic markup.

Prior to this proposal, MdO Media has tested and implemented these tools on several projects, including our own new website. Specifically, these tools are the Bricks Builder, Automatic CSS Framework and ‘Frames’ templates. The licensing cost of these tools has been factored into the

The secondary objective of the website build is meeting or exceeding ADA Section 508 Compliance. Through an audit completed by MdO Media and additionaly recommended third party audit, the intent of this project is to reach a certified rating of ‘AA’ under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.1. This process is further detailed in this document.

By rebuilding the website to meet these standards and having the site WCAG certified, Consultant Engineering Inc’s website will feature an Accessibility Statement detailing all the efforts made to be ADA Section 508 Compliant. The new website will also proudly stand on an industry-leading, scalable framework that should last well into the decade. There are also substantial website performance improvements anticipated as well.

The target completion time for Project:
Four weeks from approval, pending content procurement.

Sprint Timeline

  1. Proposal Approval

    Day 01

    Project starts and a weekly-standing progress report is scheduled with stakeholders. Preliminary deliverables (baseline-benchmark, sitemap, login details, content list) are sent.

  2. Development Phase

    Week 01

    The staging environment is configured for building, framework tools are integrated and all technical requirements for the project are met.

  3. Design + Build Phase

    Week 01 - Week 02

    The new site is designed and built. Design pulls heavily from the work CEI Marketing has already accomplished as to not "reinvent the wheel" and to allow for maximum efficiency. Key new design features are incorporated and sections are built with clean, accessible and semantic code.

  4. Revision Phase

    Week 02 - Week 03

    Feedback and revision requests are collected from project stakeholders, then executed on a priority basis. This is also a collaborative time to integrate select concepts to finalize total functionality of the new website (such as carrying design elements over to CEI's career portal).

  5. Project Launch

    Week 03

    Pending content procurement, the new WCAG 2.1 AA compliant website for Consultant Engineering, Inc goes live. To-date project deliverables are sent to stakeholders, project report is compiled. Additional deliverables are scheduled and finalized.

  6. Third-party Certification

    Week 04+

    In anticipation of this project, MdO Media has received a proposal from Accessible Web and is expecting another from Equalize Digital, two IAAP certified companies that specialize in auditing and certifying websites for WCAG 2.1 compliance. This phase is highly recommended.

Preliminary & Post-completion


  • Baseline-Benchmark

    A report package including:
    1) Preliminary Website Statistics (core vitals)
    2) Baseline Accessibility Score

  • Content Guide

    A list of identified images, copy, posts and pages needing to be procured to complete the website. Also included are recommended procurement methods.

  • Site & Design Map

    An outline of all current and needed pages of the website, as well as an overview of all the typography, components and design language to be used on the website.

  • Completion-Benchmark

    A report package including:

    1) Post-completion Website Statistics
    2) Post-completion Accessibility Score

  •  Audit & Remediation

    MdO Media will audit the newly built website for WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and complete, to the best of our ability, any remediations if necessary. These remediations are included in the Project Budget.

  • WCAG Certification

    This deliverable includes an additional, third party accessibility audit of the completed website. They are capable of certifying the website and providing an Accessibility Statement.

  • Launch Transition

    We'll handle the migration of the new website to the production environment. Also provided is launch strategy detailing tips and guiding principles to maximize the new build. Analytics will be set up to monitor traffic.

  • Live Trainings

    Included in this project are four hours of live video-call training to go over any aspect of the new website. This agenda is fully customizable - from builder usage to post publication (and everything in-between).

  • Video  Documentation

    After the live trainings, five training videos will be created detailing procedures and protocols for working on the new website. This helps your team maintain independance from website agencies, including ours.

Scope of Work

Budget itemCostQuantity

#1 Drone + Standard Media Production

We offer drone photography and videography
services, as well standard media production
(including graphics design).

Media production, whether completed via drone or
standard video/ photo equipment requires
an additional fee to cover airfare and travel.

$100/ hour 

$700/ travel


#2 Web Design, Development & Consultation 

The bulk of the Proposal of Services,


  • Baseline-Benchmark
  • Content Guide
  • Sitemap & Design Overview
  • Configuration of new WordPress
    installation, server environment
  • Implementation and licensure of the following software:
    'Bricks Builder', 'Frames' components, 'BricksExtras' components and
    'Automatic CSS' framework
  • Configuration of all other necessary WordPress
    plugins, styles, settings, pages and contents to
    reach feature parity with the current CEI staging site
  • Design and build for all pages necessary to
    complete project
  • Design revisions for pages as needed
  • MdO Media Accessibility Audit of completed site
  • Compliance Remediation as needed
  • Cross-device testing (responsiveness)
  • Cross-browser testing (functionality)
  • Launch strategy and transition
  • Four hours of live digital trainings
  • Five training videos on how to use the new website
  • Preliminary and post-completion Site reports

#3 Third-Party Audit & Certification

We are proud to be a company that is certified with the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).

After the new website is built, we will audit it for a final time, and conduct a certification process. MdO Media will
then remediate the
website if there are any remaining action items, with the goal of receiving a certificate
and signature stating templates of the new site are
ADA Section 508 compliant, and providing
an accessibility statement for public display.

Due to the dynamic nature of website accessibility compliance,
this budget item does not guarantee legal compliance,
including ADA Section 508. 


#4 Platinum Website Management & Hosting

CEI's website is currently on a legacy care plan.
It is proposed this plan be updated to the newer plan, which includes:

  • Installation and licensure of the Termageddon policy generator
    (a plugin that generates and keeps your privacy, terms and other policy pages
    up to date with new laws)
  • Three hours of developer time
  • Monthly site accessibility scanning
  • Monthly benchmark reporting
  • Monthly site security scanning
  • Advanced analytics reporting

The new website will be built on a High Speed VPS. It
is recommended that the site continue to utilize this  environment,
which includes:

  • Daily off-site backups
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7/365 uptime monitoring & support
  • Complimentary backup restoration
  • Monthly malware scanning
  • SSD based architecture
  • Global CDN


Documents and research mentioned in the Proposal of Services.

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